Jews Step Forward - a new film

at Augustana Lutheran Church
5000 E Alameda at Fairfax, Denver
Please use the Fairfax Street entrance

"Jews Step Forward traces a path grounded in the core ideals of Jewish identity, which ultimately must separate personal morality and conscience from socialized loyalty to Israel. It is a multi voice account by American Jews across the U.S., saying “no longer in my name”. Having moved beyond self censorship in the face of institutional power and social censure, they know that without help, Israel cannot rescue itself from its tragic devolution. Just as the American Jewish community historically was a leader in the Civil Rights Movement, so must it speak the unvarnished truth about Israel today." - AWARENESS FILM FEST 2016

“Open ended policies of torture, imprisonment, and murder of indigenous Palestinians including children, contempt for international norms, and the rise of laws mirroring fascism, all poison any idea of national permanence for Israel based upon peace and regional integration.

The subjects of this film speak with the same Jewish voice, which historically led the struggle for justice around the world, cutting through visceral defenses to demand an awakening and a Judaism liberated from Zionism.” -

Rich Forer participated in the making of the film and will lead a discussion following the film.

Watch the trailer